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I eat snakes for breakfast, Testing out my Night Vale Kevin Cosplay. Im gonna...
I eat snakes for breakfast

Testing out my Night Vale Kevin Cosplay.
Im gonna get a short black wig with a long ponytail and probably get/make a vintage looking mic.
Also, i wanna do the blacks without sclera contacts. I tried liquid black eyeliner bit its a lil bit too shiny. Any suggestions?

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    I dont know a lot of tying ties and just found a quick video tutorial. I didnt rlly like the knot anyway so I’ll...
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    I think my main thought on this is that I think Kevin would use a different knot on his tie. Like, something simple in...
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    (As a tip to reduce the shine, though by this point you may have gotten tons of advice like this already: overlay any...
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    ((Love your cosplay, bro. ::333))
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